CDA helps Youth to overshoot their goals in the right ways.

Trust & encourage young men and women to participate in decision making......they will deliver path breaking solutions

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What we do

We inspire young men and women to come out with game changing innovations for peace building. They suggest and together we implement and that is how we progress towards building our theory of change

How we support!

We provide capacity building support to young men and women and enable them to choose and implement community development activities as per their community’s need in various themes and sectors: Climate change and mitigation of its impact, organizing vocational training for young men and women, peace building and inter cultural dialogue, education and using sports to bring conflicting groups together, stop bullying in schools, helping youth in crisis, advocating rights of youth being part of public policy processes etc. You suggest and we are with you how we can support!

Our Training Programs

– Organization Development Skills

– Organization Capacity Assessment

– Leadership Skills

– Grant writing

– Film Making

–  Citizen’s Journalism 

– Social Communication

– Organizing Intercultural Dialogue

– Monitoring and Evaluation 

Their Story

“We follow and we lead. We learn and we transfer our skills to our peer groups. We are fortunate that we are in schools and we put every effort to bring every girl and boy to school and we ensure that they complete the school years with us. We strongly protest bullying of any form in school. We are together for education of every youth.”

A story

“My morning walk begins after planting a tree. I have been doing this for the last three months. In these days, seventeen others joined me  walking 10000 steps daily. I saw my fellow walkers also started planting trees. Some did it before they stepped out while some did it after they finished. Yesterday my friend counted 1458 trees. Sometimes I wonder how are all these trees growing and spreading luxuriant leaves  One afternoon,  I found an old man with a sprayer watering the plants. That day I realized how someone is taking care of everybody’s happiness! It is a morning walk of all tree planters!” 

Our help for them to overshoot their goals in the right ways.