Citizen Journalism in India

Citizen Journalism in India

Journalism is a medium to communicate with people. In general media pages and slots are overloaded with specific news considered important to media houses which results in local community level news getting ignored. Citizen journalism fills the gap of covering news of inaccessible areas and grassroots by volunteer reporters. The content of citizen media is produced by private citizens who are passionate to report news from their area to print and electronic media. This trend has brought fundamental changes in the media landscape.

  • Media is now much more democratized because it is open to many people.
  • Consumers have now become producers and vice-versa.
  • People write quickly on social media platforms.
  • The democratization of access to media has provided the audience with many choices

Modern technology is the platform for citizen journalism in India. The increase in social networking and advancement in technology has made citizen journalism platforms more active and accessible. Citizen journalism has become an alternative outlet to help marginalized rural youth to raise their voice against the local problems and discrimination that they otherwise find hard to talk about.

Citizen journalism would benefit a democratic country like India in many possible ways. Now ordinary people can redefine the structure of mainstream journalism. Citizen journalism plays a vital role in empowering people, especially the poor and impoverished, to raise problems and issues which hitherto suffered government neglect and indifference. 

People living in far-flung areas and regions with a low level of educational qualifications – now use smartphones and computers to report on issues that never captured the attention of mainstream media. Issues like inadequate socio-economic development, neglect by the government, economic exploitation, access to essential services, social conflicts & violence, problems in accessing to government provisions and entitlements have all garnered attention through citizen journalism.

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