Research and Capacity Building Services for Youth


  • Mitigation of Violence; Conflict Management; Structural Change through Youth-led Initiatives; Peace through Creativity Training; Peace through Creative Arts; Peace through Story Telling; Filming Stories on Peace; Skill Development Programs; Orientation on Peace, diversity and Pluralism; Youth Leadership; Film Making for Peace; Skill Training in Creative Arts; Creative Pursuits for Total Development of Youth; Interfaith Art Exhibition; Peace Dinner and community feast; Peace club in schools and colleges;
  • Youth theatre for peace; Youth peace camp; Peace through reducing conflict for water; Partners in Building Peace Program; Mitigating land conflict by engaging youths; Social inclusion of youths with disabilities; Community Theater Tours; Engaging Women and Youth as Ambassadors of Peace; Peace through Connection and social inclusion; Peer Education in health, personal and social issues; Youth Mentoring;
  • Their Story: Photo Programs for Youth; Youth Photo Projects: World through their (Youth) eyes; Youth Film Festivals: World as they review; Peace & Wellness workshops;
  • Activating Global Citizenship: Building the Next Generation of Global Citizens for the Global Goals: This initiative seeks to empower youth both with the skills that they need to succeed in the knowledge economy and with the passion required to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. Ultimately, the initiative hopes to nurture a new generation of leaders who will transform both local and global communities.

Let us help them overshoot their goals in the right ways.