About Us

Centre for Development Action was established in 1993 to realize the goal of eliminating poverty through action research, policy research, capacity building training and innovative development interventions.


About Us

Centre for Development Action (CDA) is a not-for-profit Youth Organization. It encourages Youth to promote Diversity Pluralism and Peace through sports. It empowers youth to build peace through dialogue, community engagement and creative pursuits. CDA empowers youth by developing essential life skills through sports based activities such as effective communication, intercultural understanding, critical thinking, confidence, and non-violent conflict resolution.

We believe that sustainable peace is only possible in a world where the mind is without fear, where knowledge is free and where the head is held high and find joy in connecting with each other.


  • OUR VISION: Applying sport as a tool CDA builds an inclusive, human rights-based, participatory and multi-agency approach for building peace and prevention of violent extremism.
  • OUR MISSION: CDA promotes the rule of law and human rights, which acknowledges that all youth, regardless of age, gender, ability, religion, ethnicity or ideological or political views, are endowed with rights by virtue of their humanity and deserve to have those rights affirmed and In this context we focus on sport as a vehicle for building peace and mitigate conflict across communities. Our mandate is to continue identifying and disseminating information and good practices on the use of sport and sport-based learning in connection with peace building and mitigating conflict..
  • OUR APPROACH: We encourage pro-social behavioural development among children and youth with a particular emphasis on educational measures. Our interventions not only aim to deliver social value and educational messages through sports participations but also use sport as a vehicle to engage young men and women in education aiming at resilience-building, intercultural dialogue, gender equality and empowerment.

Target & Objectives:


  • Sports & cultural associations
  • Youth having interest in sport and sport-related activities
  • Vulnerable and marginalized youth
  • Civil society organizations,
  • Women and youth-led organizations,
  • Young leaders of Dalits, minorities, women, faith groups
  • Youth and children with disabilities,
  • Indigenous youths,
  • Out-of-school youths
  • Youth having interest on the issue of peace, conflict mitigation, promotion of diversity and intercultural dialogue


  • To improve the status of youth (young women and men), excluded and marginalized groups by enabling them to equally and actively participate in sports and in the process of planning, management, policy-making, decision-making and execution of their plans without any biases of gender, religion, ethnicity, age, language or class.
  • To promote a culture of understanding and cooperative relations through sports among youths across cultures, and to establish peace through sports related creative works in the local community and beyond.
  • To ensure change in the life of marginalized youths through processes of action research, social mobilization, capacity building activities using sports as a vehicle for their development and connecting with rest of the world
  • To engage and empower young people through leadership, life skills, livelihood opportunities, trainings, advocacy, and community service through sports and volunteerism.
  • To promote rights of youth and protection through sports.
  • To advocate for policies and good governance for sustainable community based support for youth under stress
  • To promote a healthy community free from the use and abuse of illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol among youth through a comprehensive sports based approach to prevention

Where We Work:

As an action research and resource support agency we work for a network of academic and non-Profits agencies throughout India those focus on poverty alleviation, social and economic inclusion of marginalized people