About Us

Centre for Development Action was established in 1993 to realize the goal of eliminating poverty through action research, policy research, capacity building training and innovative development interventions.



  • Improving the status of youth (young women and men), excluded and marginalized groups by enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, policy-making, decision-making and execution of their plans without any biases of gender, religion, ethnicity, age, language or class.
  • Promoting a culture of understanding and cooperative relations among youths across cultures, and to establish peace through creative work in the local community and beyond.
  • Ensuring change in the life of poor, marginalized youths through processes of action research, social mobilization, capacity building activities to achieve sustainable education on peace, democracy


  • Centre for Development Action (CDA) undertakes extension, training and research activities in the areas of health, education, employment generation, cultural and youth activities for social development.
  • CDA promotes activities relating to handicrafts, cottage industries, small and micro-enterprises targeting socially and economically deprived youth.
  • CDA promotes social, cultural and economic activities targeting scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward sections through useful programs and actions.
  • CDA promotes climate resilient and sustainable agriculture and livelihood activities for weaker section

Where We Work:

As an action research and resource support agency we work for a network of academic and non-Profits agencies throughout India those focus on poverty alleviation, social and economic inclusion of marginalized people