Our Activities


  • Promoting social-emotional learning and critical analysis skills through sports
  • Promoting Youth-led Community sports clubs
  • Organizing  sports events (online and physical)
  • Organizing campaigns on the theme “Sports say YES to Peace”
  • Training young men and women as coaches, athletes, sports reporters & sports journalists,
  • Training on Creative writing of sports stories,
  • Promoting indigenous sports,
  • Training on health & fitness management, event coordination, and fundraising,
  • Training on soft skills: tolerance, conflict management, mindfulness training and emotional intelligence, intercultural dialogue, team building
  • Policy advocacy to promote sport-based approaches: the utilization of sport as a key component of policies, programming or interventions aimed at achieving economic, human or social development outcomes at the local government level



27 years of experience serving the most vulnerable and marginalized youth of India, Nepal and Bhutan by youth-led activities.

 CDA’s Response to COVID-19


Join Us in Our COVID-19 Response

  • Connected 3000 youth in isolation through online sports events  
  • Accessed digital technology support to 2600 youth of remote communities, marginalized women farmers, Artisanal & Small Mining (ASM) communities, & Aged citizens
  • Addressing their food security – migrant workers, single women with children, ASM communities
  • Online Education Support for 1800 out of School children – children of migrant workers, ASM communities
  • COVID-19 awareness material in indigenous language – for 10000 indigenous people

Delivered relief kits to 581 Dalit and tribal families of Odisha and mobility aids to 38 youth with disability